Research and Development

The concept of our work is based on continuous innovation and the implementation of innovative ideas. Research and development teams, grouped around different business ideas, strive to rethink and improve the existing solutions, maintain them according to modern trends, and develop new business perspectives. The long-term commitment born of a shared belief in continuous improvement has pushed our business results to the highest level. The goal of our research and development teams is to push the boundaries of human understanding of business processes and environmental issues in order to improve our society as a whole. The Thakur Group invests its efforts and time in research relevant to the common prosperity of people and the protection of natural wealth, examining human influences on environmental changes and general factors of climate change. By implementing the holistic approach in environmentally relevant research, our focus is on the fundamental understanding of the climate cycle, flora and fauna, and ecosystems, and as a common goal, we cherish our belief in the sustainable progress of mankind. The R&D teams work in four main areas: Environmental Informatics, Business Process Outsourcing, HR Solutions and Web Design.

1. Environmental Informatics Innovations

Our R&D team has a major impact on the field of environmental informatics. The project, carried out as an applied study, has resulted in the EMAIV software solution. The web-based GIS software was developed for our customer HEMS, who uses it for monitoring, analysis, and visualization of (spatial) environmental data. The idea behind it is innovative, as it includes a web-based concept and data storage for future forecasts. Our research team worked to develop the unique data visualization tools for EMAIV based solely on the idea of ​​a wireless connection, using wireless sensor technology for in situ data collection. Innovations like these are our catalyst for growth. The equipment of our R&D teams, with strategic guidance and tactical tools, is an investment that can ease our way through futuristic, innovative business adventures.

After extensive research in land management and environmental informatics, our R&D team developed the idea of ​​launching software for land use planners. The software solution can be used to estimate natural conditions and evaluate changes. The estimates serve as a basis for predicting possible consequences that may occur. The software will facilitate land management and contribute to the effectiveness of plan implementation. The R&D team has conducted in-depth research on ergonomics to improve the software's user interface. As a result of this research, the team developed an entirely new set of visualization techniques used in data analysis.

Our research teams are composed of experts from various disciplines, including software engineering, environmental science, information technology, and many other related areas. The environmental trends that feed into our application and software development processes are trends that are changing the global environmental situation and raising awareness of the issues of global warming—today's taboo.

2. Business Process Outsourcing

The BPO teams work to continuously improve the BPO services we provide. We deliver BPO services tailored to client's express requirements. We can mention the wide range of specialists working in the team atmosphere to make their own contribution to the processes of project management and project implementation.

The team structure is very flexible and depends on the industry in which our customer works. We have experts from more than 10 business areas, whereby the team composition is determined by the client's area of ​​activity. As a third-party service provider, the first step in delivering BPO services is building trust between us and our client. The second step is to provide the service, while the third and very important step is to improve the service. In this step, the commitment of our R&D team is the most important factor, and we are committed to honoring that commitment.

3. HR solutions

There are two main questions when the recruitment problem is on the table. When a need for change arises for organizational development purposes, there are always two questions: first, who can fill the vacancy, and second, how to find the perfect candidate. Our R&D teams strive to improve the placement service for our customers to provide the best answer to both questions with the highest level of quality and applicability. Our business experience is passed on to our HR specialists, who are trained to find a solution to our client's HR-related problems, including employee engagement, talent mobility, actuarial and retirement issues, vacancy fulfillment, compensation, and others. Our HR research team improves and delivers the solution and also advises on the implementation. Our experts dealing with labor market-related issues, labor legislation, and new labor trends will endeavor to design and implement the most suitable solution for our elite clients.

4. Web Design

One of the areas in which Thakur Group is an expert is web design. Our research team is constantly working to improve the web solutions we offer our customers. Web developers, multimedia experts, and design experts can be organized together to deliver the best web solutions as a complete structure. The Thakur Group web team knows that a website must be effective, both in terms of functions and looks.

The members of our web design development team are also qualified experts in the fields of sociology and psychology who are tasked with exploring and refining new ways of presenting web content.

Our creative team is in regular contact with our customers to understand their needs and requirements and create a perfect blend of looks and functionality. The Thakur Group research team keeps our services up-to-date and develops them according to industry standards. Improving website functionality is our core idea, where we work on the appearance of the website and web content, improving the usability, functionality, and responsiveness of the website. Also, we make the content accessible to dispersed users by implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service.