The Chairman's Message

Ashok Thakur


Welcome to Thakur Group, an organisation that mirrors our esteemed group's innovation, resilience, and shared aspirations. We stand united in the dynamic realm of industries, propelled by a vision that transcends boundaries. We think big, we act bigger. If you are an entrepreneur, then you are in the right place. You are the reason for our being. 

As we navigate complexities and embrace change, I am immensely proud of the collaborative spirit that defines our group. Each member contributes a unique perspective, enriching our collective journey. Our commitment to excellence echoes in every endeavour, shaping the landscape of every industry. In the face of challenges, we find opportunities to pioneer new solutions. Our unwavering dedication to quality, sustainability, and cutting-edge practices sets us apart. Together, we are not just adapting; we are leading the transformation. Our expertise is created gradually; we have fought to achieve it. You do not shoot first and then draw the target circles around it; the path is much more challenging.

 I extend my gratitude to every individual who forms the backbone of Thakur Group. Your pursuit of excellence, relentless expertise, and passion fuel our success. Let us continue to innovate, collaborate, and shape the future of Thakur Group together. If you want a sustainable future, we have sustainable tools and the right weapon - knowledge. It is your moment to grow, and we will feed you. 

Thank you for being a fundamental part of our journey. Here's to continued growth, shared achievements, and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. Just give us a chance and trust us!