About Us

The success of growth started in a small village in Nepal. You have yet to hear about Nepal much, but you certainly have heard about Mount Everest, the top of the world, and its backbone, the Himalayas. What happens when the harmony you believe in is damaged or harmed? You act. Before you start to work, you must prepare an action plan to contribute to nature's wealth preservation and seek the signs for your orientation. An individual needs a stepping stone and directions in personal career orientation. If you are dreaming big, there will be growth in your life. Now, let me introduce the founder and core brain of the Thakur group, Dr. Jay Krishna Thakur. The success of Thakur Group was his dream. He was raised among the trees, high in the mountains, in the spirit of nature. This made his existence fulfilled with the harmony of nature. 

Thakur Group was started to meet the needs of companies in Nepal to work within the sustainability concept and provide them with environmental and survey consulting services for ecological studies, geoinformatics solutions, and hydrogeological services. The common point of all listed services is the sustainable growing concept with the people. One of the most significant pollution sources are small and medium-sized companies that are incapable of investing in sustainable solutions; that is why Thakur Group, as its focus client group, have NGOs, small and middle-size businesses with a high level of environmental awareness, where we are focusing on the spreading the idea. One of the first steps in ecological preservation was raising awareness in business circles.

The journey of Thakur Group started with the foundation of Thakur International in Nepal in 2013. We faced many difficulties when forming our first organisation but believed in ourselves and succeeded with our first business. Thakur Group has always focused on innovation, customer-centric solutions, and a commitment to excellence. We thrive on adapting to change, fostering a dynamic work culture, and delivering unparalleled value to our clients. We wish to grow not only with ourselves but with the growth of people standing with us in our continuous journey. This group was formed through the members' and employees' hard work and trust. The success journey of Thakur Group was not only about one person but also about all the people who trusted and worked with us. The dream is still high and needs to be completed. It will be achieved one by one, and we are moving forward every day because success is unlimited.

Constant growth becomes our light motive. So, Thakur Group decided to expand their feathers to the new marketplaces. We have developed the idea to penetrate the European market. Now, we are focused on the German market and have established one of our companies, UIZ, in Berlin, the capital of Germany. Also, we extended our growth to Qatar in 2016; we launched another company, Blue Green Trading, Contracting & Hospitality WLL, Doha, Qatar, which became a massive success for Thaku Group. The goal is high, but ambition won the battle. Today, Thakur Group has eight companies under its umbrella.

Nowadays, we have successfully managed and balanced every business environment; we have gathered all these companies under one name mentioned above- Thakur Group. Our journey is still going on.